Twenty years ago, fantasy sports were introduced for a select group of cricket enthusiasts. Indians have a strong passion for sports, which helped fantasy sports quickly become popular among the general public—predicted to expand more rapidly and rule other industries in India and beyond.

In a cricket fantasy game, you have to assemble an eleven-person squad out of actual players from the two teams who will be competing against one another. You have to decide who will serve as your Captain and vice-captain among the players you’ve chosen for your playing XI. A captain and vice-captain have crucial roles in a fantasy team. It is because, in contrast to the other team members, the Captain receives double points (2X Credits), and the Vice-Captain receives 1.5X Credits. According to a public survey, approximately 77% of sports fantasy players in India choose cricket over other fantasy sports activities.

Let’s get to the topic “which fantasy sports do individuals enjoy the most? 2.5 billion people love cricket, but 3.5 billion people love football. Answering the question is challenging since each person has a favorite thing. Fantasy football is a widely popular fantasy sport in Europe, the United Arab Emirates, and the USA. Fantasy basketball is the most popular fantasy sport in India. But when it comes to popular fantasy sports, what do people prefer? It is impossible to determine which fantasy sports are the most popular.

Fantasy sports are played online, and according to Indian law, this is acceptable. Players won’t be penalized if they participate in fantasy cricket because there are no regulations against it. Since they are accessible online, users can enjoy playing them anytime they choose from the convenience of their home or any other location. The fact that each player manages their squad and is responsible for caring for them as a real manager would make them fun to play.

Players receive financial benefits, so take your cricket zeal seriously. On a fantasy game app, you can find advice and strategies. You can get started by participating in online fantasy cricket games and earning money. You may also get more points by recommending it to your friends. It should encourage you to play the game with an entire dedication that it is legal to play fantasy cricket games in India. You must add KYC for transactions and link your bank account to the app to withdraw the money. In light of the changing trends, fantasy cricket is flourishing, and the Indian Premier League is its most well-known organization.

There are other sports played publicly in India besides cricket. There are now seven active sports leagues in India for games like football, badminton, volleyball, and kabaddi. But unlike the Indian T20 League, which stands out as the oldest continuously operating sports league in India, most are still in their infancy. The appeal of the remaining leagues among fantasy sports players is further impacted by the fact that they attract substantially fewer spectators than the others. Even so, more people will play non-cricketing fantasy sports due to the rise in non-cricketing leagues, which India’s Olympic triumphs will also aid.