Cricket is a sport that is both diverse and simple to learn. So it’s no wonder that gully cricket, also known as street cricket or backyard cricket, has its distinct style of play. Due to its ability to be played almost anywhere, including the typically packed tiny by-lanes of Indian towns, gully cricket is the most popular sport played in India. But, of course, cricket is played enthusiastically on the streets in stadiums and parks. So in case you’re an Indian or have lived in India for a while, you are probably a cricket fan or have played cricket at least once in your life.

Cricket’s popularity has grown to the point that it is no longer simply a sport but a religion for its devotees. And if cricket is their religion, cricketers are idols who dazzle fans with their constant spectacular performances on the field and bring tremendous honour and prestige to India globally.

It would be natural to state that India is a cricket-crazy country. One might be surprised that a sport that started in England captivates a nation of over a billion people like no other sport in history. Much has been said about how this sport represents India culturally and can unify a whole country despite all obstacles. Although hockey is India’s national sport, cricket is unquestionably the most popular one here.

Cricket’s growing popularity in India may be ascribed to various causes. It includes the sport’s flexibility and fantastic ease of play, a solid infrastructure for practice and training, and a powerful regulating body, among others. India has produced countless cricketing icons, including Kapil Dev, Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and many more. These sports superstars have won international championships and inspired generations of Indians

It is all too typical these days to see cricket fans glued to their mobile phone displays, drinking up every newest development and news update from the world of cricket. It is primarily because internet services have been made available at low prices to millions of individuals in rural and distant sections of the nation, assisting in bringing them into the technological mainstream that now characterises modern urban India. There are now websites and platforms specialising in content solely dedicated to cricket.

The rise in the number of individuals playing fantasy cricket is a significant result of the IT boom. As the name implies, fantasy cricket is an app that has recently caught the Indian cricket fan base by storm. As of now, two out of every three individuals in India are aware of fantasy sports, and stats show that over 100 million people participate in fantasy cricket.

Fantasy cricket has a high level of involvement in India and gives a forum for all cricket fans to test their skills. In India, the present epidemic has merely increased its appearance. In its most basic form, fantasy cricket is an online virtual version of the sport in which players construct their virtual teams of actual cricketers for an upcoming real-world match. Users then receive points based on how these picked cricketers play on the exact match day.