Ping pong is one of the most popular indoor games enjoyed by people of all age groups all over the world. This game was first played in England almost 150 years ago, and it is believed that perhaps this game has come as another offshoot of another popular game called lawn tennis.  

There are several different types of ping-pong tables available in the market. You’ll need to buy the tables as per your specific requirements and budget. You can check out the product reviews of the best ping pong tables by visiting the TableTenniStop website. It will help you making the right choices while purchasing the tables for your personalized or business requirements. 

How will you choose your table is depended upon your use of the table. The following are a few things to consider while selecting your table:

  • How often will you play table tennis?
  • Will it be played by professional players or your family members and friends?
  • How much space is available for you to play?
  • Where the game will be played?

Let us briefly discuss a few different types of pin pong tables that are used for playing various tournaments.

  1. Ping pong tables for indoor use

Since mostly this game is played indoor and hence the majority of ping-pong tables available will be of this variety. Such tables will have a comparatively better playing surface as compared to that are used for outdoor games.

If you are trying to learn the game then this table will be more suitable. However, you cannot use it outdoors. 

  • Ping pong tables for outdoor use

If you prefer to play outdoors then you will need a suitable table that is significantly sturdier as compared to the above tables used for indoor games. In such tables, the materials are so selected that they can withstand the outdoor environment like sunlight or rain, etc.

Therefore, for a more reliable table, you may go for a table with concrete materials. 

  • Ping pong table for young children

You can prefer to choose a mini table if you like to use it for young children for playing this game. Such tables will be more convenient for them to learn this game and also play it. 

  • Ping pong table for training

Another variety is known as regulation type ping-pong tables, which are the best tables if you like to train yourself for this game so that you may improve your playing skill as a professional table tennis player. The size of such a table will be 5 feet in width and 9 feet in length. 

The top of this table will be 30” from the floor. By using a net you can divide the table length into two different courts. The top of your mat will be 6” above the table-top.

  • Ping pong table with wheels

There are also tables available with wheels that can be easily carried from one place to other for your convenience. 

Your best ping pong table is the one that will meet your requirement depending upon the place where you like to play and who is going to play the game.