Do you know? There are many types of baseball present in the market, All are designed primarily based on their intended use. We all know there are many different types of leagues and tournaments were played in this game so for every league and tournament players will find the different balls for every league

Every Baseball Contains 3 Main Parts and that is given below

  1. Every ball has a round cushioned cork pill at the core, and the inner cork is spherical, its measurement is 13/16 inch in diameter and the ball is made from a composite of cork and rubber material.

  1. All balls have wool or poly/cotton windings in the midsection: there are two layers of rubber cushioned at the core of the ball. And the windings are typically made from wool and varying thickness are then tightly wound around cushioned cork pill in the concentric circle of the ball.

  1. Every ball has an exterior cover made from leather: The ball’s cover is typically made from leather, which provides durability and a secure grip, or synthetic vinyl, that holds up against dirt and color change of balls.

There Are Mainly 7 Types of Baseball Found in the Market


  • Safety Baseballs
  • Reduced Injury Factor Baseballs
  • Youth Tournament Baseballs
  • High School and College Baseballs
  • Professional Baseballs
  • Practice Balls
  • Weighted Training Baseballs

Weighted Training Baseballs


These types of baseballs are specifically designed for training purposes. Weighted Training

Baseballs come in different weights and are categorized as heavy, light, and standard.

It can be beneficial to add to training programs as it can help players to increase their arm strength to prevent injury.

Practice Balls

These types of balls are specially designed for practice purposes, and these balls do not have the high-performance ability. The best part of this ball is it is not typically expensive as it is not made of high-quality materials.

Players can easily replace it if it gets worn out or lost, because these balls are very cheap. Practice balls are particularly good if players use equipment such as hitting nets or batting tee.

Professional Baseballs



These types of baseballs are used in the minor and major leagues. Professional balls are the densest and highest-quality balls that are constructed for wood bats.

These types of balls have high-grade leather covers and rolled seams.

High School and College Baseballs


These types of balls are basically used by high school and college players, and these balls can be comparable to the professional level of baseball balls. High school and college balls are less dense and therefore these are a bit lighter.

It is constructed by using leather or high-quality synthetic material, and due to its design, it is used with aluminum bats but can not be used with wood bats.

Youth Tournament Baseballs


These balls are used by youth players whose age is 8 to 14, who have more experience in the game, and these balls are basically used in little league tournaments.

 Youth balls are not soft. Also, these balls have a cushioned core made of cork, along with a leather exterior and wool windings.

Reduced Injury Factor Baseballs


It is specially constructed to reduce the risk of injury by giving an interior poly bond core, and these balls are softer than regular hardballs.

reduced injury ball has a higher performance level than safety baseball and it is designed for different age levels.

Safety Baseballs


These balls are specially designed to keep safety in high priority as they are intended for use by young baseball players whose age is 4 to 8. And who plays in tee ball or other beginner leagues.

Safety Balls are very soft and the ball is overall lighter than all other balls.

These are the 7 types of ball that are used by baseball players in the leagues.