Miniature golf courses create some of the most entertaining, challenging, and interestingly fun ways to improve your home or business. It is a great way to add extra services to your entertainment venue or offer a new relaxing pastime for your local community. This tends to use very little space compared to a full-size golf course while still getting the friendly social atmosphere that most towns enjoy having around.

Creating, designing, and building a miniature golf course can be a significant challenge if you lack the experience of ever having done it before. You may want to work with an expert team that has the “feel” of a mini-golf course before trying it on your own. That means they have worked in the field for a while, use modern technology to design and model the golf course, are well aware of the secondary concerns like plumbing and guest flow, and are easy to work with and fun-loving people.

There are also the factors of curb appeal and theming. Mini golf courses are often popular because they surround themselves with some sort of themes like a pirate, dinosaurs, Hollywood, or other popular/trending topics.

At Horwath Miniature Golf Courses, we have the expertise you need and an exceptional creative team to design all of the incredible features of your next mini-golf course. We have the skills and talent you need to revolutionize your next entertainment venue, from unique water elements to fantastic landscaping.

Our years of experience means we know how to get the correct banking slopes and can communicate the course needs with contractors who may not understand the curvature of concrete so that the final course is laid out extremely well. Our team of designers is more than architects and engineers, but specialists in miniature golf courses. We know how to work with construction teams to ensure every course is a special ocassion, so the family has an enjoyable experience with varying difficulty of holes for different experienced players. This includes working closely with meeting any ADA requirements and ensuring the course flow moves smoothly, so you don’t experience backups or delays.

In today’s fast-paced market, where the economy seems to be fluctuating wildly, families are seeking a reliable way to have affordable fun. Miniature golf courses provide that market demand and are a great way to build a business around. What starts as a simple mini golf course one year could end up being a full-size entertainment venue the next with secondary products like food, apparel, and memorabilia.

To get started building your personalized miniature golf courses, reach out to our expert team at Horwath Miniature Golf Courses. We work on a one-on-one basis listening closely to your needs and providing solutions within your budget. With over 25 years of working for one of the largest mini-golf construction companies in the world, our team is more than prepared to handle your next project. So reach out today and let’s schedule a consultation.