The Alps are one of the most breathtaking mountain ranges in the world. Located in Europe, they span from France to Italy, and from Germany to Austria and Switzerland. Skiing in the Alps, and ski holidays Flaine is unlike skiing anywhere else in the world, and if you have never been before, you are missing out on a skiing experience that you will remember forever.

1) Amazing views

Alpine views are famous for their beauty, and for good reason. They’re dramatic, with deep valleys of snow stretching below sheer cliffs capped with wind-swept crags. Alpine views are panoramic and well worth seeing once in your life, or many more for that matter.

2) Powdery white snow

Waking up before sunrise and donning your winter gear, you head out onto the snow-covered hills. There’s a feeling of wonder as you slide down fluffy slopes and past snow-covered trees. The air is so crisp and clean it almost hurts your lungs when you take deep breaths. When night falls, it’s magical too—so many stars overhead like diamonds twinkling on black velvet that seems endless. You curl up in front of a cozy fire with good company and get lost in conversation.

3) A great family experience

Vacations are often viewed as a way to break up the monotony of everyday life and give your family a chance to enjoy time together. Alpine skiing is no exception! When you visit the snow-covered mountains of Austria, France, Switzerland or Italy this winter, your kids will have a chance not only to build memories that will last a lifetime but also spend quality time with the people they love most in this world.

4) Comfortable Accommodations

One of the most desirable things about a skiing vacation is that you can stay at a resort-quality accommodation that is not only accessible to all ages and abilities but has an inclusive package including amenities and a ski pass. These resorts are really set up for families with children. The perks of staying at one of these resorts cannot be overlooked: a home-away-from-home atmosphere with concierge service, a wide variety of onsite activities, delicious food offerings and packages including accommodations/activities/ski passes all together as one so that no money is wasted.

5) Activities of all kinds

Aside from being an absolutely incredible place for a vacation, there are plenty of activities available throughout the region. You can ski, swim, golf, go bowling and much more! If you’re looking for a fun vacation destination this winter, look no further than the Alps. They’ll keep you occupied all season long and make the trip one you’ll never forget.


Skiing in the Alps is one of life’s true pleasures. Why not join us this ski season? The slopes are great, the food is fantastic! Skiing in the Alps is a great choice for those who want a break from their day-to-day grind and want some travel time with family and friends.  There are many places that have skiing available, but few can rival the Alps when it comes to sheer variety. There is skiing available year-round in different elevations and ranges, which provides an escape every month of the year.