Exploring the New Golf Bags as well as Sports Bags at JUNYUAN Bags, C13 Booth No: 9.1

Have you been searching for the latest sports and golf bags? In that case, 133rd Canton Fair is not to be missed. The Canton Fair, which takes place twice annually in Guangzhou, is well-known for being the oldest, biggest, and most extensive trade show in China. It is the ideal setting for global suppliers and buyers to connect and discover the newest goods and trustworthy partners.

A description of the Canton Fair

One of the world’s biggest trade shows is the Canton Fair. It is the oldest, biggest, and most complete platform for trading for all sellers to present their best and most up-to-date goods and for all buyers to look for the best and most dependable partners and grow their businesses.


Manufacturer of custom bags at the Canton Fair

There are several different bag makers at the Canton Fair. JUNYUAN Bags, a company that has been making bespoke bags for more than 15 years, will be at the Canton Fair once more. Their booth number is 9.1 C13. A large variety of bag items will be displayed to all of our clients from across the globe. This time, the primary bag offerings included anything from sports bags to cutting-edge, excellent golf bags.


JUNYUAN Bags at Canton Fair Booth No: 9.1 C13

New sports and golf bags

We are thrilled to offer our brand-new sports and golf bags to the 133rd Canton Fair. The majority of bags are made from tough, high-quality materials, making them long-lasting and strong. They have been designed in a variety of colors and designs so you may choose the one that best suits your needs. Additionally, they come in a variety of forms, sizes, and designs so that you may choose the finest bag items.

We also provide a customized service with a unique logo, size, color, pattern, material, and more if you want more avant-garde designs or want to make your own design.


Golf bag designs by JUNYUAN Bags

Display a Range of Golf Bags

Although the Canton Fair offers a wide range of bag items, JUNYUAN Bags’ exhibits may pique your interest if you’re looking for novel or unusual golf bags. There are several sports bags and golf bag series available to you. The most common kinds of golf bags comprise golf staff bags, golf tour bags, golf stand bags, and golf cart bags, among others. Certainly, you’ll discover golf Boston bags, golf Sunday bags, and more. You can choose the ideal bag for your specific golfing requirements from among these bags because they are all available in various sizes, designs, and colors.

Discover Additional Sports Bags Varieties

A variety of sports backpacks are available at Booth No. 9.1 C13 as well. These sports backpacks are made to accommodate the varying demands of different athletes and sports enthusiasts. We will be showcasing a variety of popular styles at the expo, such as men’s and women’s duffel bags, trendy sports backpacks, etc. Badminton bags, Tennis bags, pickleball bags, and more all have distinctive patterns.

Features of Sports & Golf Bags

At the Canton Fair, we will be displaying golf & sports bags with a variety of features. The bags are excellent quality, robust, adaptable, and distinctive because of their major characteristics.


Introducing new golf bags to customers

High Quality 

The majority of bags are made from high-quality materials; these include twill cloth, leather film, oxford, nylon, and leather. The many material kinds can be tailored to fulfill the requirements of different clients at different times.


Showcase duffel bags for overseas customers

Strong, Flexible and Unique

Durability and versatility are the apparent benefits and features of our backpacks and sports bags. We want to keep your bags ideal for your lifestyle requirements!


Show the details of unique pickleball bags to customers


If you’re seeking fresh golf & sports bags, don’t pass up the chance to go at more JUNYUAN Bags’ golf and sports bags. We cordially invite you to stop by Booth No. 9.1 C13 (May 1–May 5). We’re still here waiting for you.