Tennis is a great and fun sport, which works your mental and physical attributes. But playing tennis is not the same as running, where you can just start and do great.

Tennis needs a dedicated amount of training so as to reach the level it can be fun and, at the same time, mentally and physically difficult.

Being a great tennis player is not something you can achieve overnight. According to Graeme Servantes, a tennis fanatic and expert in the UK, it requires you to work on the following tips every day so that you can be a good player:

1.      Keep an Eyes on the Tennis Ball

It may seem obvious, though one of the vital aspects of being a great tennis player is knowing how to watch the tennis ball.

Most players only keep watch on the tennis ball on the side of the next, and when this ball leaves their side, the focus tends to drift more to their opponents.

An important drill to help you focus is to consider standing behind the baseline and getting the tennis balls to hit either side.

2.      Consistency is Key

It can’t be stressed enough that it is imperative to keep playing the tennis balls on your opponent’s court. Every time you do this, you will make all your opponents play another shot and even create an opportunity for them to make a mistake. 

This might as well sound obvious to some players. Though most players concentrate on playing a killer shot and end up losing a match because they lack consistency.

3.      Consider Doing a Tennis Serve

This is among the most important stoke every tennis player should master. This is how gaining points start. Players usually get two opportunities for serving a tennis ball to the service box of their opponents or risk losing points.

Usually, the first serve is more aggressive since you will only have two opportunities. Knowing how to hit those two serves hard will give you an upper hand to win and become a great tennis player at the same time.

Your second serve needs to as well be consistent and probably not as aggressive as the first serve. This is to ensure you don’t double fault and swiftly land the tennis ball to the service box of your opponents.

4.      Lightly Hold Your Racket

According to most successful and great tennis players, new players tend to hold their rackets too hard, which is among the common mistakes most make when playing tennis.

You will see many nervous first-time tennis players do this since they think that if they grip their rackets tighter, the swing will have more power.

But the truth is that holding your racket lightly is what will give you a great or better swing. Remember to also hold your racket low down so that the bottom can be in the middle sponge of your hands.

Closing Remarks!

Whether you want to go for tennis championships or tours, you need to practice more before the actual play. You need to as well watch more videos of experts in tennis todays and acquire some of the skills they use. Importantly, use some of these tips to make you a great player.