An unpleasant event happened to me a few days ago. On my way home, the exhaust of my Sh 125 got punctured, creating a deafening noise. It’s a fairly old scooter, so it probably was just a normal used problem

To solve the problem I would have had to get a new one, but I didn’t want to spend a lot, given the absurd prices they offered me in the spare parts in my area, I decided to search online. Between one search and another I came across a website of a multinational that operates in 27 countries and that offers sports spare parts for cars and motorcycles, The site in question is Racext ™ ️ which offered the spare part I searched for at the absurd price of only $ 130 including international shipping, absurd if I think of the amount that my local store had asked me, a few hours earlier, that figure still rings in my ears, $ 450.

Given the price, I therefore decide to equip myself with a card and try this Purchase which turned out to be a godsend, the replacement was perfect and being sporty it gave more power and a better saund to my old scooter, making it aesthetically much more aggressive and modern.

So today I decided to do this totally impartial review based on my shopping experience, they are not paying me for this item, but “hey Racext ™ guys ️ if you have any gifts for me, don’t worry about writing me”

What is RACEXT

RACEXT is a multinational active in 27 countries. It is a marketplace of spare parts for cars and motorcycles. Within its 4 warehouses, it manages shipments to and from all 27 countries of its customers, with a total of 50,000 square meters for the management of thousands of spare parts for cars and motorcycles, mostly concentrated on the aftermarket and sports models

The goal is to represent a sort of Amazon for sports spare parts. So provide periodic offers, free shipping over $ 70, ordering Exhausts, ECUs, Carburetors, Sports Air Filters for cars and even remote controls and car keys and, lately, even parts for electric cars.

How RACEXT works

The main element of use of the site is certainly the search engine. To use it at its best you will have to manually indicate the model, or more quickly by writing via chat to one of the operators available 24 hours a day who will immediately make you a quote or answer your doubts without making you lose time.

If a component is not available, you can be notified as soon as it is, or get a list of alternatives from other brands.

Very interesting is also the YouTube channel and the blog where tutorials are periodically published explaining how to change components. Useful if we already had knowledge in the mechanical sector and would like to try our hand at repairing independently.

Is RACEXT ™ ️ useful?

The Racext ™ ️ website is very useful not only if we really need a spare component, but also to get an idea of the cost of the components. For example, we can use its database to validate a quote made by a mechanic, to understand if the proposed prices are in line with the market.


Racext ™ ️ offers the following payment methods

The payment method is chosen by the user, who can select the most appropriate and easy to use method.

  • Bank transfer: It is possible to submit the order with an advance payment made by bank transfer.

Please indicate your order number as a source of perspective. You will receive the request number, together with the bank details, by e-mail after confirming the order.

  • Credit card:Then choose “credit card” as the payment method. At that point, you will be redirected to a secure page where you can choose the type of card. Then, you will have to enter the correct data and confirm the payment. The card will be charged at the end of the request.
  • PayPal:After placing the order, you will be directed to the PayPal page. If it’s not too complicated, log in and pay. To pay with PayPal, you need to have a PayPal account. There are no additional costs.


Delivery times depend on the availability of the product.

The article is available. Items with this availability status are shipped within 4-5 business days after payment is received.


  • 1.A spare parts catalog shown and easy to consult
  • 2.A very practical system for searching and displaying spare parts
  • 3.Search by article
  • 4.Order in comfort
  • 5.1-possibility to request a click (after the first purchase)
    6.15 installment strategies