Whether you’ve never lifted a tennis racquet before or yours has been collecting dust for a while, tomorrow is another day, it is never too late to join the field and get the advantages of tennis. Tennis can help you enhance your physical health, fitness, and joy. Apart from the obvious suspects, there is something unique about this game. This sport is enjoyed by both professional athletes and ordinary people but tennis is about much more than just having fun! Tennis has a variety of advantages and features that make it one of the top sports. Below mentioned are some reasons why tennis is regarded as one of the best sports & is good for you,

It Is Very Economical

Some sports have extremely high costs and upkeep fees. Tennis is fortunately not one of them! For a small fee, you can have all the pleasure and benefits, all you have to do is spend on the necessary equipment and shoes. Apart from that, if anyone wants to, they can take classes. Tennis is seen as a wealthy man’s sport. However, if you make the necessary initial expenditure, you may make it cheaper for yourself later on.

It is a Great Source of Workout

Every sport can be thought of as a physical workout. But there is something that distinguishes tennis from other sports. It is one of the sports that involve both anaerobic exertions and is a lot of fun while playing. To play tennis, a player must be constantly moving. As a result, they employ every muscle in their bodies. Aside from that, quick sprints are incorporated into tennis games. Furthermore, there are constant variations in speed and direction from various viewpoints. Tennis is an ideal option for someone who wants to lose weight. Tennis has been proved to burn up to 1000 calories in an hour of play.

A Low Risk of Injury

There is no sport that does not involve the possibility of an injury. Tennis, on the other hand, is one of the least dangerous games in the world. There are several other games as well-known as tennis that offer such minimal injury risks. Tennis players frequently suffer from back and elbow ailments. However, players do not sustain significant injuries when playing a good game of tennis. Tennis is quite safe and does not result in significant damage to the player.

An Extremely Versatile Sport

Tennis is a game that may be played at any moment and in any location. You can enjoy it whenever and anywhere you want. Tennis courts can be found in your immediate vicinity. It is a fascinating game, it can be played and enjoyed by individuals of all ages.

Boosts Brain Power

Consider tennis to be a calorie-free brain meal! Tennis can increase analytical reasoning, mental awareness, tactics, and strategy by forming brain connections. Tennis also aids in the regulation of serotonin, a brain chemical associated with processes including sleep, hunger, and mood. Do you have difficulties sleeping or controlling your emotional responses? Take it to the court!

Prevents Diseases

Tennis can help you maintain a healthy cholesterol number.  This can reduce your chances of having a stroke, high blood pressure, or cardiac issues.

Improves Flexibility & Balance

Tennis is a game in which you must move continuously, change directions, and bend your physique. You will experience an increase in agility and flexibility if you play tennis on a constant schedule.

Tennis can be rejoiced competitively or socially with friends. Hitting the ball over the fence, exchanges, rapid motions, and clever playability are all part of the game of Tennis. It is a fantastic way to keep your wellness, stamina, endurance, and quickness in any case while having fun. This is a significant reason why Jonathan Zhang became fond of the game. Presently Zhang is listed as No. 9 in the Men’s Singles National Rankings (2020) in Hong Kong. In Men’s Doubles National Rankings (2020), he is positioned at No. 6, and in the ATP men’s doubles rankings, he is placed at 1,532. Jonathan was brought up in Hong Kong, and since his childhood, he has been keenly interested in sports, mainly Tennis. He started playing tennis at the age of 6. Zhang attended Diocesan Boys’ School and was team captain in his final year, leading the league to its 17th successive D1 Hong Kong high school championship. He aims to be a part of the sports Management Business and wants to excel at it just like he does at Tennis!