Gloves are a very essential part of your soccer kit when you are a goalkeeper. A goalkeeper is a very responsible player who can stop the opponent players from scoring after the midfielders and defenders fail to do so. Goalie gloves get dirty and need proper care and maintenance so that you can use them for a longer time. By following a few cleaning and preparation tips, you can give proper care to your gloves. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the useful tips that will help you to look after your soccer gloves.

Choose the right latex for your gloves

Latex is the material in which the palm of a goalkeeper glove is made. So, if you play soccer occasionally or non-competitively, you can go for cheap entry-level latex. This type of latex is cheap and won’t withstand friction much. While wearing gloves made from this latex, you cannot play in the rainy season. On the other hand, if you’re a regular soccer player, you can opt for gloves that withstand abrasion and friction to enjoy the game in all types of adverse playing conditions.

Rinse the gloves once before use

Before you decide to buy the best soccer gloves, you should know that they are covered by a plastic film on the palms. This protective film is useful in protecting the glove from picking up dust and dirt while playing and carrying them. All you have to do is take off that protective film and rinse the gloves with normal water. It will activate the latex and while playing no dust and debris will get stuck to the palm.

Use your fists to stand up

Goalkeeping is a task that involves a lot of jumping and diving. A goalkeeper has to do whatever it takes to save the goal and diving is quite common. But, when goalkeepers are standing up from the ground, they use their palms as a human habit while standing up. It is suggested that you should use your fists to stand up as using the palms can affect the quality of the gloves and they get torn after some time.

Let your gloves dry naturally

Washing your gloves with warm water after every game is a good thing but after washing them you must not use any tool or equipment to dry them. Goalkeepers often use radiators, tumble dryers, or even keep the gloves in direct sunlight to make them dry.  Instead of doing that, you should let your gloves dry naturally.  You can also use absorbent cloths or paper towels to make the process quick.

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