Travel is getting back up in full swing. If you are among the growing number of gun owners who want to travel with their firearms, you need to learn the ins and outs of the process. Use these tips to travel safely. 

Know the Laws Where You Are Going

Even if you know all of the carry laws where you live, you may be surprised at the differences a state border can make. Take the time to brush up on the gun laws where you will be going. If you are traveling by car, keep all the places you will pass through in mind, too. This will help you avoid any complications that could potentially arise at a routine traffic stop or while going into a business.

Check Your Travel Carrier Policies

Private businesses can choose to set their own firearm policies. This extends to your travel carriers. It’s a good idea to call ahead and find out what each one’s policies are. For example, some hotels do not allow firearms at all while others have few or no restrictions. 

Most airlines allow you to travel with firearms under certain conditions. The type of case you use and how ammunition is packaged and where it is stored are two areas where there may be differences between carriers. Check out your airline’s website or give customer service a call if you can’t find the information you need. 

Use Safe Carry Methods

Of course, you want to stay within the confines of the laws and policies where you are going, but you also want to stay safe and protect your firearm from damage while traveling. For some, that means investing in a new case or holster. There are some great new options in concealment clothing for travel that promote comfort and safety that are definitely worth checking out. 

When you travel with a firearm, you should know the laws where you are going and any restrictions imposed by your carriers. Having an appropriate case or holster also helps to keep you and your gun safer.