There are many different types of a car races. Even race enthusiasts aren’t aware of how diverse the races can be. All of them use different types of cars. Some races, for example, use production cars with minimal modifications. Others use specially-built cars made for each race.

The tracks used for these races vary. Television shows often show car races on oval tracks. These races are different from the ones that you see on TV. They are also less well-regulated than the national or international race forums.

Many of these racers do not belong to wealthy racing teams. Some car races can be seen, such as drag racing. These races are run by private individuals. It all boils down to your interest. If you’re already a car race enthusiast and want to know about car parts just contact Racemax Direct.

Formula Racing

This is the most popular type of auto-racing. These single-seater cars are designed specifically for the race. The wheels are located on the car’s outside. These cars can be very costly to build. These teams are often sponsored by large companies. You cannot just get on a Formula Race team. You must be sponsored to qualify.

Many of these racers have to drive competitively for many years. These races are similar to televised races and take place on arced tracks.

It has nothing to do with the laps that drivers complete. It has to do with the length of the track. But don’t get it wrong. This race is about winning first place. To avoid collisions, cars have staggered start spots. The cars can use the outside and inside lanes to gain an edge over their rivals.

Stock Car Racing

These races are exactly what they sound like. These races are made up of stock cars. These are cars that have been produced on the regular production lines by major auto manufacturers. Many of these cars can be customized. You would not just jump on a Ford Taurus to drive it around a stock car racing track. These cars are driven by professionals.

The type of car is what makes these races different from other races. Yes, these cars come with certain specifications. These cars aren’t built for one race. It also costs less to build them.

Drag Racing

Drag racing is very different from the other races we have discussed. Drag racing is mostly conducted privately and is not part of any big organization. There is a drag car organization, the National Hot Rod Association. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone can’t run their drag races. These races are the simplest of all races.


Rallying is a sport that involves the use of production vehicles. In the 1970s and 80s, a Camaro Rally Sport was considered a cool car. Some cars are made to be driven fast. These races are held on closed tracks and public roads. They are not overseen by any one group or association. Many of these races are held in small towns, where people are interested in fixing and racing cars.

They don’t have big sponsors and don’t travel that far for races. It’s illegal to do rally racing. It is not possible to get a permit for a crowd of cars on a public road. These races are held in closed areas or parks. These are intended for public races.