Nothing matches the excitement of experiencing a technically-pro grappler defeat his opponent for a mixed martial arts lover. The MMA submission moves aren’t only a visual treat but quite painful s well. With such a vast array of chokes and locks in MMA, there are good ways of forcing an opponent to surrender.

Here are some of the popular submission moves in MMA that are excruciatingly painful.

  • Arm Triangle Choke

The Octagon has witnessed this dangerous blood choke several times in recent years. The submission move includes forcing the opponent’s arm against the neck’s arteries. If done viciously, this choke can result in your opponent’s death. In the UFC’s history, Brock Lesner was known to return from a brutal beating only to defeat his opponent Shane Carwin with this choke.

  • Pace Choke

This choke was discovered during one UFC’s battles inside the Octagon. Pace Choke qualifies as one of the most amazing MMA submission moves ever invented by Bantamweight Nick Pace. The fighter suddenly created this move during his battle with Will Campuzano during Ultimate Fighter 12 Finale. The submission move blends the best elements of forearm choke and triangle choke to squeeze the neck of the opponent.

  • D’arce Choke

This particular choke was the offspring of Joe D’Arce Renzo Gracie’s blackbelt. Joe D’Arce used this choke as an arm triangle variation to succeed in some grappling matches. During the sparring session starring Jason Mayhem Miller, the UFC middleweight who was seen trying this choke. It was suggested then that the choke derives its name from D’Arces’.

  • Banana Split

MMA has rarely seen its fighters trying this choke, but its power to induce pain makes it one of the most painful MMA submission moves. The banana split forces the legs of the opponent apart. By causing their legs to go apart, the move induces pressure on the leg ligaments and joints. While the action doesn’t always lead to Tap out, the flexible opponents would find it unpleasant.

  • Ninja Choke

The Ninja Choke was founded by Shuichiro Katsumura, who wanted to force Masakatsu Ueda to tap out, and it helped Katsumura bag the Shooto featherweight crown. It is a variation of the guillotine choke and garnered attention from Eddie Bravo, the founder of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu, who respected Katsumura for the creative rubber attack move.

All of these submission moves in MMA induce excruciating pain in the opponents. They have been invented by the legendary MMA fighters and continue to be used in the Octagon. Each of the moves is known for its creativity and painful impact.