Suddenly people are getting addicted to Table tennis games. Recently, Table tennis has been getting massive attention from the young generation. This page will help those players who are new to the game, or even if you are at the intermediate level, you should also read them. Table Tennis Place in Bangkok (เช่า โต๊ะ ปิงปอง ในกรุงเทพ, which is the term in Thai) maintains these rules to avoid any problem during the game.

Official Regulations Of Table Tennis

· Scoring Guides

Generally, the latest games rule plays 11 points, and the players need to earn two points to win the match. The game can last longer until any player scores plus two points. This new rule of table tennis came to light after the Sydney match. Initially, the play length was 21; now, it has declined to 11. It made the game faster and more exciting to watch as an audience.

· Best Of Match

Another new essential table tennis regulation is that players need the best of three, five, or seven games to win the match. The number may vary based on the tournament and the number of players in the match.

· Serving

Initially, the serving ball must hop on the server’s side and next to the net before jumping back on the opponent’s player’s table. Table Tennis Place in Bangkok will give the opponent a point if the ball hits your side.

· Correct Way To Toss The Ball

While tossing the ball in the air, the player should throw the ball at 16 cm high with an open palm. The server should move the hand after the toss so that everyone can watch the ball return.

· Switching Servers

Players can switch off after every two points. They introduced this new rule after the Sydney tournaments to help the players to serve efficiently.

· Double Serving Rules

The server needs to hit the box with the ball diagonally from the standing position. The range should come from the server’s right-hand side to the opposite player’s right hand. Moreover, this rule helps to lower the confusion about who to hit the ball.

· Equipment Rules

In Table Tennis Place in Bangkok, they follow a set of regulations like

  • The perfect rectangle table size should be 2.74m long and 1.525 m wide
  • The game table must lodge flat at 76cm heigh
  • The ball must bounce 23cm, and the perfect height of the net should be 15.25 cm above the table.

Bottom Line

So these are a few basic rules players must know before playing games in Table Tennis Place in Bangkok. Following rules can make your game exciting and smooth.