For the 90th time in a row, soccer has been considered the most covered sport on worldwide television and the sport that involves youth athletes the most. Now that’s a shocker LOL.

It is actually a 34 billion dollar industry in the Americas alone. A whooping 8 billion a year in the United States. To keep a child in competitive travel soccer it costs an average yearly $9,000. But for them that have a child in a development league such as the ECNL, ODP or even worse the MLS Next then the average yearly spending is around $21,000. Yes you read right!

Then there are the Summer Goalkeeper Camps and Soccer Camps all over the country, some even organize these camps in the winter time, either indoor or down south in Florida where the weather is perfect all year round.

On the other hand there is a very good statistic that leans in favor for them soccer players that wish to play in college. 11% of competitive travel players actually make it to a DI or a DII college soccer program with a full scholarship. While in other sports such as Baseball only 2% are recruited and even less in Basketball and Football where we are looking at a miserable 1.5% of athletes recruited.

Lot’s of stats and numbers put together, maybe to give a little hope to all them soccer mom’s and dad’s that dream to see their child play one day in college and at the same time save the parents a ton of tuition costs!!