Do you want to have a fresh new addition to your national team jersey collection? You can add the jersey outfits from the El Salvador national team if you want a fresh addition for your current jersey collection. Not many international jersey collectors collect the El Salvador jerseys. So, you can consider these jerseys to be a hidden gem.

Here are some simple tips to follow when collecting El Salvador National team jerseys:

1. El Salvador 2023 Replica Home Jersey

Always start with collecting the El Salvador Replica Home Jersey for the 2023 season. This is the fan version of the primary jersey outfit that El Salvador national team players will wear when they participate in any soccer matches, whether friendship or competitive matches.

The 2023 Home jersey of the El Salvador team is presented with the overall blue primary color with some black design patterns on the jersey front. The primary sponsor  for their jerseys is Umbro. You can also see the ES logo on the front of the El Salvador 2023 Home jersey.

2. El Salvador 2023 Replica Away Jersey

Next, you can grab the 2023 El Salvador Replica Away Jersey, which is the jersey outfit used by the El Salvador players when they are playing at the opponent’s place. The replica version of the 2023 El Salvador Away jersey is designated for the fans to support their beloved football national team during the Away matches.

El Salvador Away jersey for 2023 is presented with the overall white color for the jersey outfit, with some blue pattern designs on the front area of the jersey. It also uses a blue accent on the sleeve and collar area of the outfit, with the big ES logo on the chest area.

3. El Salvador 2023 Replica Third Jersey

Another El Salvador jersey item that you should collect for is the replica third jersey for the 2023 season. The El Salvador 2023 replica third jersey gives the black primary color for the jersey outfit, with a unique multicolor accent on the collar and sleeve area of the jersey. The Umbro and ES logos appear on the chest area of the El Salvador 2023 Replica Third Jersey.

This Third Kit 2023 El Salvador jersey offers a unique design style compared to the regular jersey versions. You can grab the Third Jersey kit of the El Salvador national team from the official Umbro website or from the trusted online jersey stores like

4. Getting the Short and Long Sleeve El Salvador Jersey Versions

The 2023 version of El Salvador jerseys come in the short and long sleeve versions, just like the jerseys from any other national football teams. So, your jersey collection won’t be complete without adding any El Salvador jersey’s long sleeve version into your collection. The long sleeve version of the El Salvador jersey will often get used during the matches in certain weather conditions.

Although you might not see it too often in real matches, the long sleeve version of the El Salvador jerseys can still be a valuable collection item for you to add into your jersey wardrobe.

  1. Buying El Salvador National Jerseys in Bulk

You can always buy El Salvador jerseys from the official store or partner retailers, which offer you various El Salvador national football team jersey outfits for individual purchases. However, it might be quite difficult for international fans to purchase El Salvador jersey kits from the official site, as they might not provide worldwide shipment options.

So, the best solution to add more El Salvador jersey outfits to your jersey wardrobe is to buy the El Salvador national jerseys in bulk from the trusted soccer jerseys wholesale shop, such as This site offers big discounts for the cheap jersey products of the El Salvador national football team you buy in bulk, and it can also ship worldwide.


El Salvador national team jerseys are worth collecting, and there are many options you can get for these jerseys. Aside from the 2023 Home and Away jersey versions for the El Salvador national football team, you can also grab the Third kit to complete your collection. Also, you can grab the El Salvador jerseys from previous seasons or years if you have a plan to dig deeper into collecting El Salvador jersey-related products.

Don’t forget that you can also grab the best quality El Salvador jersey products at the best price from the trusted online jersey stores like