The baseball gloves are rugged and durable because they are made up of leather and animal hides. Naturally, these materials are prone to fall. That is why it is necessary to take care of your glove if you want them to last for a long time. The glove is necessary equipment while playing baseball; you should give attention to maintaining its fighting shape.

If you find a guide for caring for your glove, you have come to the right place.

Buying the best baseball gloves is not the only thing you need, but you need to take care of that glove properly. This article will give you tips to care your baseball glove properly for catching the flying balls for years to come. Let’s get started.

How to Take Care of Your Baseball Glove?

Apply the following steps to increase the life of your baseball glove.

Manufacturer Care

First of all, check the instructions off the glove manufacturer where the brands told what will be the best care method for it. Most brands make a glove with a specific material, so they have separate instructions for cleaning and conditioning. In this way, your task will get easy; you need to follow their instructions.

To keep your baseball glove in prime condition, follow the below points.

Break-in Your Glove Naturally

To make your glove smoother on the diamond, play with it. Keep practicing catching and throwing with the ball. The most significant way to break in your glove is to use it. It will increase its life and playability. The breaking in can extend if you did not practice much, it could take some days to half of the season for break-in.


You should include this process in your daily routine because it will give the required shape to your glove. It would help if you had proper tools to form a shape; buy a shaping kit from the market that comes with shaping pieces to fit in your gloves. Placing a baseball in the glove might also be beneficial for shaping or reshaping it. All you need is to wrap the ball in it and tight it with a rubber band.

Check Ties and Laces

Laces are ties are most important for your glove. Otherwise, the glove is useless. If the laces are in bad condition, you might need to buy a new glove to continue your sport. Keep checking for open seems and broken laces and repair them immediately. Otherwise, they will become useless.

Inside Protection

When a player wears a glove, the dirt, bacteria and sweat must be here to damage your glove. Wear a lighter glove inside, and then wear a baseball glove. It will keep that entire factor separate, which leads to the durability of the glove.

Keep Your Glove at a Safe Place

It is essential to keep your glove in a cool, dry place that is like room temperature. Do not put your glove in heat or outside because the moisture and heat will worsen the condition of the glove’s leather.

Clean and Condition

It would be best if you kept your baseball clean and neat. Use the recommended cleaners to clean it. Shaving cream might help you in this manner because it makes the glove smooth and fluffy. Be sure to save the glove from oily elements. After cleansing, conditioning is also a crucial step.


It is essential to take care of your baseball glove if you don’t want to buy it again and again. And even you not only need to buy a new glove, but you have to start the procedure from where you begin. You have to break in your new glove. That can be a lengthy task. So follow the steps mentioned in the article to increase the life span of yours or your kids baseball glove.