While you can earn a lot of money through football betting, it’s essential to have the proper knowledge of it. The La Liga refers to the Spanish football league, which has been in existence since 1929. The first division is commonly known as the La Liga. 

On the other hand, the second division is known as Segunda Division. In La Liga’s history, Real Madrid and Barcelona are two of the most popular clubs and have won 35 and 26 titles, respectively. If you want to fine-tune your betting skills, it is crucial to consider the La Liga Football win predictions for live matches.

As with other major European leagues, La Liga is massive when it comes to soccer betting. Here are some effective strategies to predict and bet correctly on La Liga matches. 

Things to Know about La Liga 

Twenty teams compete in La Liga every season. Usually, they are all competing to win the title. However, in reality, a small number of clubs can end the season at the top of the table. Barcelona and Real Madrid are the all-time favorites in La Liga. 

However, in the last few years, Atletico Madrid has moved up the rankings. Currently, it is comfortably placed in the third position. If the teams are tied on points, La Liga utilizes the following criteria to differentiate the teams. 

  • Head-to-head points 
  • Total number of goals scored 
  • The difference in head-to-head goals 
  • The fair play points 

What should you Consider when Creating the La Liga Predictions?

Out of all the European leagues, La Liga has a standard structure of 20 teams and 38 matches. You have to watch the La Liga football matches live to make the correct predictions. Here are some common aspects to consider while creating predictions for La Liga

  • The form of each team 
  • The performance of the present players 
  • Analysis of formation and positioning 
  • The record of a specific team in a particular venue 
  • The record of the previous matches played in the venue 

La Liga Winner Predictions- What should you Know?

Typically, people think that the top three clubs can win La Liga. However, all four teams in La Liga have a good chance of winning the game. 

FC Barcelona 

FC Barcelona are the defending champions. Recently, they have bolstered their squad with some impressive signings. They are definitely among the top favorites to win La Liga. 

Real Madrid 

As one of the most popular football clubs, Real Madrid hasn’t won the La Liga for quite some time now. You can expect them to play aggressive soccer this year. 

Atletico Madrid 

This team has shown a lot of character in some recently concluded matches. There is no harm in predicting Atletico Madrid as the winner. 


As a side, the performance of Sevilla has been impressive. However, it remains to be seen how Sevilla can retain the momentum in future matches. 

With goals being scored at a brisk rate, it is essential to predict the correct winner of La Liga. Right now, there’s a 50-50 chance that Real Madrid or Barcelona may win. You should consider these strategies to make the most out of the La Liga matches