Disc Golf discs are available in various weights, materials, colors, and designs. If you are a beginner or planning to gift someone, this article will guide you to know the details. There are several ways to play disc golf, so one needs to select a specific type of disc to play that game. Therefore before you start your game, you should have some knowledge of different discs.

Different Types Of Disc Golf

There are four basic types of golf discs. There is hybrid disc golf to perform more than one task to perform well in multiple scenarios. Let’s know details about the basic types of discs.

·       Distance Drivers

Players who want maximum range and distance in the game must pick a distance driver. Distance driver discs have sharp edges that are thin and need a lot of speed to throw. If the players can give the required effort, the disc can fly more than 500 feet. Therefore, they could be better for beginners or players with slower arm speeds.

·       Fairway Or Control Drivers

Fairway drivers are best for players who want a balance between perfection and distance traveled. It has long-range stability and accuracy. Moreover, these discs are lightweight, so it is easy to throw. They are brilliant for shots with tighter lines, straighter flights, and short drives. Fairway drivers are usually a good choice for experienced golfers and novice players.

·       Mid-Range Discs

Mid-range disc golf is ideal for beginners to practice. Additionally, these types of golf discs are bulkier than the other discs. Due to their weight, Mid-range discs are aerodynamic and travel less distance. Midranges are valuable for getting through narrow fairways and landing close to the basket.

·       Putters

Putters are the slowest and most deep discs. Moreover, their rims are the thinnest than other discs. Putters fly less far and in straighter lines. These discs spin the slowest, making them less likely to go off course. Players use Putters for several shots, such as short and long putts, photos, and short drives.

Finale Takeaway

Therefore, now you have learned the differences between the basic types of discs. So before you bag any of these discs, check the player’s level. A good disc can change and improve your game. If you want to become a good player, learn all the fundamentals of the games and core concepts of the disc.